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Telephone: (610) 685-LUNG (5864)
Address: 2608 Keiser Blvd • Wyomissing, PA 19610

About Your Visit

Make an Appointment

All patients are seen on an appointment basis only. Patients may be physician referred or self-referred. For new patients, appointments may be made either by the physician's office or the patient may contact our office at 610-685-LUNG(5864) and select the appropriate appointment option.

If your medical insurance requires a referral to see a specialist, you must begin this process with your primary care physician.

What to Bring

  1. Please print and complete the patient forms packet and bring it with you to your appoinment. Please do not mail these forms.
  2. Bring all of your health insurance cards and a picture ID to be photocopied for your office record. Please notify your DME provider, if you have one, with the name of the specialist you are seeing so we can download your smartcard information upon arrival.
  3. If your insurance company requires an electronic or paper referral, please obtain one from your primary doctor prior to your appointment.
  4. If you have had any chest x-rays and/or CT scans from any facility other than Reading Hospital or St. Joseph's Medical Center, please ask that facility to put them on a disc and bring that disc with you to your office visit.
  5. Bring a list of ALL of your current medications.
  6. Insurance co-payment is due at the time of your appointment. If you do not have your co-payment, and additional $10 will be charged.
  7. Please do not wear cologne or perfume to your appointment.
  8. If you need an interpreter, it is your responsibility to bring one to your appointment.

In addition to completing the patient forms packet, please access our patient portal and complete your medical history.

Patient Portal

Report to the UPPER level for all pulmonary appointments and pulmonary function testing.

Report to LOWER level for sleep testing.

Appointment Policy

Depending upon your contact information you gave us when scheduling your appointment, you may receive

  • reminders by email 2 days prior to your appointment,
  • cell phone text message 2 days prior to your appointment,
  • and/or a phone call 6 days prior to your appointment.

For allergy patients, there is a $10 no show fee for all shots appointments.